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Join the family and enjoy a smooth and carefree travel experience.

This service includes:

1. geting you a RUT number- this number is necesarry for buying a vehicle in Chile as a foreigner.

2. car search- we will send you options for your dream vehicle from the local market according to your budget/ needs. once you choose your favorite ones, we will inspect them with our mechanic in your presence and give you a full report on each option.

this service includes 3 mechanical inspections.

3. once you choose a vehicle we will get a full report making sure the vehicle has no legal problems, fake km, fines etc...

4. we will arrange and accompany you to the notary in order to do the title transfer and make sure you get all the needed paperwork for crossing borders during your trip.

5. trip planing session: we will help you plan your trip, giving you lots of important information about border crossings, safety, solving problems and of course, beautiful things to see!

6. trip support- we are conected 24/7 on whatsapp in case you have any type of problem during your trip and need asistance in translating, coordinating a tow truck, crossing the border or any major issue that might occure.