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Travel comfortably and safely with our vehicles, we have different alternatives for your routes. You can book one of our Camper for a weekend, a month or the days you need.

Know the different alternatives according to your needs. 


Improve your vehicle and adapt it to any trip or route. Enjoy the comfort and attention to detail in every inch of the interior of your vehicle. 

We have 5 types of fabrications or adaptations for your project, from the simplest to a complex project that will transform your vehicle into a unique travel experience.


Don't worry, we help you with everything. 

We have different alternatives so so you can buy a car or motorcycle in Chile.

Do you need to sell your vehicle? 

We help you sell it, we have experience in the Chilean market.

We also have long term parking Learn more about our rates on the button.

We also have the service of Remote RUT  to buy a car. 

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Architect and project manager
Noam Safra
General Manager and founder Suzi Santiago CTW
Fabiola Gutiérrez
General coordinator

Frequently asked questions about buying a car in Chile

 700 USD – 1,500 USD usually (difference between the purchase price and the sale price), it also depends on many factors, such as the mechanical condition of the car you bought, the kilometers you drove, etc.

It takes about 1 month, but don't worry, we will send it to you no matter where you are. During the first month you can travel to Chile and Argentina and once the register arrives you can continue to Bolivia and Peru.

Using our service only takes 2 hours and our client doesn't need to fill out any paperwork, we can even have you do it remotely if needed (mostly not needed).

Do you have more questions?

Here we have more information to help you

Noam Safra

General Manager and founder Suzi Santiago CTW

I never recommend anything to anyone before trying it myself!

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