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This car is a great option for those looking for a reliable, safe, spacious and comfortable SUV. It's 4x4 with VTM-4 lock system (locks each rear wheel torque) which makes the discovery of the remote places with difficult terrain possible. The comfortable built-in bed offers safety and protection against wind, cold and noise and makes it possible to overnight in any place you need, especially useful in the very windy Patagonian region. The car is well maintained and equipped and ready to head for a new adventure.


Air conditioning, 3x 12W plug + USB adapters, Roof rack, Fridge/Freezer Alpicool, Camping gear, 2x, Gas cooker, Complete kitchen utensils, Tarp (outside rain/sun protection), Camping tent for 2 people, Bed clothing, Storage boxes, Simple solar shower.

Basic tool set, Liquids set (engine, transmission, brakes, steering and cooling), Wheel change set, Tire repair kit (liquid + clog), Compressor, Towing rope, Fire extinguisher, Triangle, Wheel and steering wheel safety locks, Starting cables + starting jumper, Snow chains.


223 000 km - car purchased

225 500 km - oil + filter change, air filter cleaning

227 000 km - spark plugs change + engine check

235 000 km - oil + filter change, air filter change

238 500 km - change of front tires (Bridgestone Dueler A/T) + balancing and alignment

241 000 km - transmission oil change at authorized Honda dealer

244,000 km – change of rear shock absorbers, all suspension arms, bushings.

245,000 km – oil and filter change, air filter cleaning.

249,000 km – change of brake pads and fluid.

255,900 km – oil change + filter, air filter change.

256,500 km – change of rear tires.


Transmission (Gear)Transmisión  Automática