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Main characteristics:

  • Double bed
  • Double insulation of glass wool
  • Apicool fridge 35 L
  • Portable toilet
  • Solar shower 10L
  • Solar Panel: 1.50 m x 67 cm + its regulator with 2 USB charging sockets
  • -1000W / 2000W peak converter (220v power supply)
  • AGM Deep Cycle Battery - 12V - 135 Ah - ATEM POWER
  • 10A charger for charging the battery on an external 220V
  • 5 circuit breakers for all rear electronics
  •  One 12V fan controlled by switch
  • Lots of tools
  • Numerous supplies: original wear parts, coolant, engine oil, steering oil, brake fluid, tape, gaskets, extra oil/fuel filters
  • Roof rack with straps


Recent mechanics: (All other technical details will be presented during the sale)

  • Manually activated second radiator fan installed for the really steep climbs on hot days (operates on dashboard switch)
  • New 12V - 75A battery + the old 12V - 60A at the front of the cabin which we kept in case of emergency - Replaced August 18, 2023
  • Timing belt and water pump
  • Head gasket and most of the top end.
  • Overhaul of engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter - always up to date


Transmission (Gear)Manual