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Are you looking for a camper that is both spacious and comfortable? we have this option for you, with its spacious interior and comfortable sleeping arrangements, you will have everything you need for a relaxing and pleasant trip. You will have all the comforts you need for your trip, including a kitchenette, camping equipment, and everything you need to cook.

$ 2.500.000
Transmission (Gear)Manual



🚐 Explore South America in Style! 🌎

For Sale: Red Nissan Urvan Camper Van with Handcrafted Wood Interior


Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Discover the beauty of South America in this unique and charming 2000 Nissan Urvan Camper Van. This isn't just any van; it's a carefully customized home on wheels that's perfect for the intrepid traveler.


🌟 Key Features🌟

🌲 Handmade Wood Interior: Crafted with love and attention to detail, the cozy wooden interior of this camper van gives you a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it your home away from home.


🛌 Comfortable Sleeping Space: The van is equipped with a comfortable sleeping area that can accommodate two, ensuring a good night's sleep after a day of exploring.


🍳 Kitchen on the Go: Cook up delicious meals with the built-in gas stove, complete with a sink, and ample storage space for all your culinary essentials.


🔒 Safety Lockers: Keep your valuables secure with built-in safety lockers for peace of mind during your travels.


🛡️ Engine Safety System: The van is equipped with a safety system to ensure the reliability of the engine, allowing you to journey worry-free.


☀️ Solar Power: With solar panels, you'll have access to clean, renewable energy, so you can stay off the grid for longer.


🏞️ Spacious Roof: The large roof space offers ample room to store outdoor gear, such as surfboards, bikes, or camping equipment, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor adventures.


🚗 Reliable Nissan Engine: The dependable Nissan engine is perfect for long journeys, making this van a trustworthy companion for your adventures.


🌍 Take a look under the hood and explore the vast landscapes, vibrant cultures, and breathtaking natural wonders of South America at your own pace. Whether you're seeking the wilds of Patagonia, the beaches of Brazil, or the high-altitude beauty of the Andes, this camper van is ready to take you there.

$ 8.000.000
Transmission (Gear)Manual





- Cooling system cleaning 12/22

- Nox sensor change + catalytic converter cleaning + injection system cleaning : 12/23

- Windscreen wipers : 12/23

- Check-up Distribution : 01/24

- Oil change was done every 10.000km.


- 1 Solar panel + battery + inverter 220V

- 2 x 12V sockets

- 2 x 220V sockets

- Side awning

- 2 water tanks (2x20L)

- 2 extra fuel tanks (2x20L)

- 1 table and 2 chairs

- Roof box

- Spare wheel

- 10l solar shower

- Various stuff: Air compressor, starter cables with external battery, normal jump starter cables, screw driver tools, snow chains, wheel wrench, warning triangle, safety vest, steering wheel lock, fuses, tire fixing kit, various fluid (oil, coolant...).

- Several insect repelent systems


- Cooking gear for 2 people

- Cooking stove with full gas tank and 2 different adaptors

- 20L electrical fridge


- Sofa convertible into a bed 145x175cm.

- 2 bedsheets, 2 pillows, 1 blanket.


Vídeo de presentación:

Kilometres157,000 km
Transmission (Gear)Manual

Mitsubishi L300


3 seats in the front with seat belts

Fully equipped kitchen

Camping equipment (2x chairs, folding table, 2m x 1.4m waterproof awning)

Lots of storage space

Roof bars

A big and comfortable bed (200 x 140 cm)

Solar panel

Battery for solar panel + inverter for regular plug sockets for mobile phones, laptops, cameras etc

Fridge with 20L volume

20L fresh water tank with 12V water pump, sink and tap

$ 9.000.000
Transmission (Gear)Manual

Mitsubishi L300 2.0L


Air conditioning, 1x hiking stove, 1x regular butane camp stove, sink with electric tap and 10l grey water, 10l fresh water bottle, assorted cooking gear, Spare battery, jumper leads (in case you forget to turn off the lights you can jump start yourself), lockable compartment under the bed, spare key, roof racks with wooden platform and solar panel, 1000w 12-220v inverter, spare 2000w inverter (too large to fit space for inverter but will function well if any issues with 1000w inverter), bed 180cmx146cm, sheets and pillows, mosquito net, steering wheel lock, hidden battery kill switch



Rear: Good condition, have done approx 14,000km 

Front: Near-new condition, have done approx 3500km

183.500km – Servicio más reciente – Cambio de aceite, filtro de aire y aceite sustituidos

179.000 km – Sustitución de la bomba de combustible del depósito

172.000km – Sustituido embrague, bujías, filtro de combustible y bobinas de encendido. Cables de alta tensión renovados. Cuerpo del acelerador limpiado

160.000 km – Sustitución de las pastillas de freno. Depósito de refrigerante del radiador reconstruido con aluminio para sustituir el depósito de plástico roto.

Transmission (Gear)Mechanical Transmission

Brilliance X30 Elite 1.5

Main characteristics:

- Wooden platform with tons of storage (a part can be removed to sit inside).

- Mattress 140x200, separable and foldable in 2 min

- The kitchen is located at the back, it is easily accessible when you are on the road and has lots of storage.

- A 50L 12V fridge (works with the solar panel battery)

- Roof rack

- Solar panel and battery with usb plugs (the battery can also be charged by the car engine in case of bad weather)

- 220V Electric converter to charge a computer, etc.

- 20L spare gas tank (with the 40L tank, this gives you approx. 750 km of freedom! )

- Solar shower

- Spare tire and repair kit

- Camping items

Maintenance: oil and filter were changed every 10.000 km, tires and brake pads were replaced at 46 000 km. We will provide a detailed maintenance history with bills, so you can start your journey worry free !

$ 8.500.000
Gas gasoline
Transmission (Gear)Manual

Mahindra New Pik Up CRDE 2.2

Main characteristics:

- 2w, 4w and 4l drive

- Factory warranty up to 100k km

- Outside shower

- Multiple 5v, 12v and 220v.

- 200 x 160 bed

- Awning 160 x 200

- Very complete kitchen gear.

- Sitting corner for 4 people with cousins

- 22L fridge with freeze function

- An unbelievable amount of storages

- Maintenance done frequent, maintenance book available. Last maintenance done 63k km

- 80 liter diesel

- 160 watt solar panel (build end December 2023)  

- 150 Ah battery charged by solar panel, engine or 220v input (build end December 2023)

- Tools and safety items

- Camping items

$ 24.000.000
Transmission (Gear)Manual