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Remote Title Transfer

Do you want to sell your Chilean car in another country? this is the service for you. With the proper paperwork we can represent the buyer and seller in Chile and transfer the title while the seller and buyer are in another country (Colombia, for example). Requirements: You must have a current driving license.


Fee for suzi Santiago- 120,000 CLP- paid by the buyer to get him a RUT number.

190,000 CLP paid by the seller for the entire sales process, taxes and extra fees for notary for legalization of documents.

1.5% of the value of the vehicles (appraisal- indicated in the circulation permit document) – buyer tax- paid by the buyer. 50,000 CLP – notary and state fees paid for the sale.


Remote Title Transfer

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Dear traveler!

To sell your vehicle outside of Chile, we need 1 of the following documents to be up to date:

"Circulation permit"

“Technical review” (and the “emissions certificate” – normally related to the technical review document)

If one of these two documents is up to date, we can change the owner of the vehicle. if both of them are expired, the only way to change owners legally is by bringing the vehicle back to Chile.

Stages for the process:

We will need the seller to send us a good scan (not taken with a smartphone, for example) of the following documents:

-Technical review + emission certificate

-Circulation permit

-Padron (registration certificate)

-Obligatory insurance

-Seller – Routine document and passport

-Buyer: passport and email address, whatsapp number.

We will send the buyer a document that will allow us to obtain a RUT number for him. The buyer must sign this document at a Chilean consulate or embassy (it can be done anywhere in the world). We will also need the buyer to make two paper copies of their passport and sign them at the passport's originating embassy or consulate (eg French passport, French consulate). After receiving these documents, the buyer will send them to us. via express mail (DHL, UPS, etc.).

Once we get these documents (express mail usually takes 3-4 working days, we recommend DHL) we will obtain a RUT number for the buyer, and prepare the 5 power of attorneys and authorizations needed for the process.

We will send back by email these 5 documents, 2 of them will need to be signed by the buyer and 3 by the seller, at a Chilean consulate or embassy (usually buyer and seller will go together but it isn’t mandatory). Apart from that we will also need 2 copies of the passport of the seller signed at the embassy/consulate of the origin of the passport.

After signing these 5 documents and the copies please contact us, we will indicate which documents should stay with the buyer and which ones should be sent to us by express mail.

After sending the documents indicated back to us, we will be able to transfer ownership. 4-6 weeks after receiving the paperwork we will send the new certificate of inscription (padron) to the buyer as proof of ownership for him.

Remember to ask for an appointment at a consulate/embassy before going there, usually you can’t just show up, you need to get an appointment.

Recuerde: el vehículo debe salir del país antes de que expire el TIP (permiso de importación temporal, generalmente 90 días).  No salir del país en ese momento podría causar la confiscación del vehículo en la frontera.

The buyer will be able to cross borders before receiving the new padron on his name.

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