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Main characteristics:

  • 3 seats in the front with seat belts
  • Fully equipped kitchen (more details available)
  • Camping equipment
  • Lot of storage
  • Roof bars
  • Bed 200 x 140 cm
  • Solar panel (150W) It's new Feb24.
  • Batería adicional (200A) – cargada por el panel solar o durante la conducción. New Feb24
  • Complete electrical installation, 3x 12V / 230V plugs to charge laptops, cameras, mobile phones etc. ; 2x 12V spotlights
  • Alpicool fridge with 22l volume and USB port to charge your phone
  • Tools: Fire extinguisher, Steering wheel lock, Wheel lock, 12V emergency starter kit (life saver), Toolbox for servicing & maintaining with all required tools, Spare wheel bearings for the front drive shaft, 1x spare wheel (new) + 1x used wheel, Two 20l spare petrol tank on roof rack, etc.
  • 2 x 10 l solar shower and 1x solar shower bag (gets heated even faster by the sun than the other tanks)


  • The latest check-up reveals that the van is still in excellent condition and can still run double, provided we keep up the preventive maintenance.
  • On going : every 700 kilometres, check oil and tire pressure.
  • April 2023: new Continental campervan tires (25,000 kilometres on the wheels, can still drive the equivalent!).
  • May 2023: new battery, general inspection, filter cleaning
  • July 2023: new headlight fuses.
  • August 2023: brake discs, pads and front shock absorbers changed, rear equivalents checked and found to be in good condition
  • September 2023: change spark plugs to suit altitude, clean air filter and drain/replace oil filter, change headlight control knob following short-circuit
  • Last oil filter and oil change was in 128000
  • October 2023 (after 12,000 kilometers on the road): general inspection of the van, cleaning of filters, alignment of wheels and steering wheel, inspection of electrical system and connections (solar panel, battery, light, and refrigerator), replacement of jacks (trunk-opening system).
  • January 2024 : New engine


Transmission (Gear)Manual