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It is possible to sleep in the rooftop tent or inside the car on the inbuilt bed frame. The back of the vehicle has been customized with secure storage boxes that can be locked independently (with chains and padlocks) from the car’s locking system. There is ample space for storage and the custom built boxes with lids making living on the road a pleasure. In addition to this the car has a roof rack to store extra fuel (locked), water and gas bottle for a stove. The car has a dual battery system inside with an inverter (230V, 1000W, pure sine) to stay off the grid, charge laptops and keep the fridge running. There are also solar panels to charge the secondary battery. The car comes fully loaded with all the equipment you’ll need for your overlanding trip. You basically just need your clothes...

The car has been very well maintained and serviced and is in good order. Timing belt has been changed on 80,000 miles. While we have had the car, we have changed most of the fluids, including coolant, brake fluid, steering fluid, transmission fluid and of course oil every 10,000km. The car has been thoroughly checked at a Honda dealership (inside the engine and transmission with a camera, besides visual check, everything underneath, including differential oil) all in good order. Latest non routine maintenance costs include: new radiator (6/12/2023), new primary battery (March 2024), new all terrain tires (20 November 2023) and new brake fluid (5 April 2024).

The car:

• Onyx A/T tires, perfect for off-road but also paved roads, purchased November 2023.

• Leather seats make long drives very comfortable

• Extremely effective air conditioning

Main equipment and features:

• Rooftop tent and ground tent for trekking

• Roof rack that carries 2x20L of water, 2x20L fuel and gas for the gas stove

• Bed platform inside for sleeping when there are strong winds

• Bed platform can be opened to store stuff inside, the platform can be locked with iron chains on both sides and 2 padlocks, it adds a lot for extra safety, because the bedframe cannot be opened unless both of the chains are opened

• 12V Fridge

• 1000w 230V pure sine inverter

• Dual battery system, where accessories run from the second 100 Ah battery, the second battery also charges from the alternator when the car is running

• Solar panel for charging the second battery

There loads of overlanding items and equipment coming with the car, so basically if there are no special needs, then nothing extra has to be purchased.

Some of the other equipment:

Camping and food:

• 2 Camping chairs

• Strong and big table

• 2 good gas stoves, one is the usual camping stove with butane gas bottles, another is a bigger one with 2 gas tops and is meant to be used with the gas container that is stored on top of the car in the roof rack

• Cooking items

• 6 wooden boxes that fit on top of another where to store everything

• All the bedding for the tent: blankets, sheets, duvet cover and pillow covers.

• Lights inside the tent (these are great for atmosphere and reading)

• 2 lightweight camping cooking pots

• 2 pairs of hiking poles

• 3 propane gas bottles and 1 large gas bottle

• Portable gas cooker and smaller hiking gas adapter (with bottles)

• 2 x 20 liter petrol jerry cans

• Stuff for washing clothes

• Camping shower, which you hang up and let the sun heat the water

• 2 headlamps

• Fishing rod and reel (spinning)

• Bluetooth speaker

And some other items for day to day use

Mechanical and electrical:

• Some spare parts: oil, coolant, etc.

• Battery booster to start the car in case the main battery is dead

• Full toolset (wrenches, hammer, screwdrivers etc.)

• Voltage Multimeter

• Car battery charger (230V – 12V)

• Saw

• Shovel

• Axe

• Spare tire

• 2x tire foam that pumps a flat tire and also patches small holes in case of a leak

• Tow strap to help pull someone out or vice versa

• All kinds of different ropes, smaller and bigger ones

• Ratchet straps

• Steering wheel lock

• Fire extinguisher

• 25m extension cord to use electricity from campsites with a multiplug adapter.

• 1200W hot air blower that you can use in the tent for cold nights, if electricity from the campsite is available (too much for the inverter).


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