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Main characteristics:

The van is well equipped and has literally everything you need to be independent. It is fitted out with a queen size bed (trust us, having a bed that you don't have to fold out every night and fold away every morning is an absolute godsend), solar shower, toilet, cooker, fridge, ample storage and everything you need to get started on your road trip!

The van has had a full service before selling at a reputable VW garage here in Santiago, including oil, air, pollen and fuel filter change, full oil change, and full mechanical inspection. The vehicle has been maintained impeccably with services done every 10,000km and so drives like a dream. Please see detailed service history for more details.

Notable Additions:

Roof rack containing a 350L roof box, 25L water tank for showering, solar panel with converter (230V) for electricity, alternator charging system, toilet, Alpicool 20L fridge, sun awning with LED light strip, Inside/outside gas stove with a 9.5L gas bottle and spare parts (see list)

The finer details:

  • 100Ah 12VDC battery supported by an alternator charging system.
  • Outdoor electric shower with 25L water tank and curtain for greater privacy
  • Roof top case (350L)
  • Camping equipment
  • A 12v bed fan, creating air circulation + large plug-in fan for hot climates
  • Velcro mosquito nets for the windows and an additional mosquito net for the rear door
  • Wooden clothes closet that serves as a seat
  • Many storage boxes under the bed, of different sizes
  • 9.5 liter gas bottle (lasts about 4 months)
  • Kitchen items
  • replacement parts and tools


Transmission (Gear)Manual

Maintenance history Service / Maintenance history (from 200,000 km) (Also found in folder under seat)

At 201,000 km: Timing belt, air filter, oil filter, water pump, alternator belt.

At 208,000 km: Rear shock absorbers, oil change, front tie rods, battery.

At 217,000 km: Front tires, windshield wipers, left front light. Including a general inspection that showed good condition.

At 225,000 km: Oil change (engine oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid), filter change, engine cleaning, intake cleaning, throttle cleaning, throttle body cleaning, suspension fixes.

At 228,000 km: Front brake pads, Moo valve (N75 vacuum pressure valve), auxiliary water pump, 4 new tires, engine cooling, 4 new tires, engine coolant. Everything in the official VW workshop in Peru, Lima.

At 245,780km: Change engine oil and oil filter.

At 247,000km:Change of rear shock absorber and bushings. In Mendoza Replacement.

At 252,000km: Review of the turbo system before the altitude of Bolivia. Vacuum and admission. N95 sensors and solenoid test. It showed very good condition and without errors. All done at Turbo specialist in Salta.

A los 254.450km: Oil change and filter change. Everything in the VW workshop in Argentina, Mendoza.

At 259,850km: Change of front shock absorbers and turrets. New clutch. Installation of alternator charging system for the house battery. All made at Firewheels in Peru, Lima.

At 260,000km: Roof sanded and painted with 2 coats of black anti-rust paint.

At 264,500km: Complete service (oil and filter change) in Interamericana, Peru.

At 276,500km: Complete review. New brake pads, oil change, all filters changed, rear suspension, stabilizer bars in Marchesi, Buenos Aires.

At 283,000 km: Changing the rear suspension springs.

At 287,000 km: Review (oil and filter change) at Marcotti Motors, Buenos Aires.

At 287,000 km: Replacing the solar panel after falling off during a storm in Patagonia. Stronger mount and power increased from 160W to 185W.

At 292,000km: Changing the alternator belt in Florianópolis, Brazil.

At 295,000km: Front suspension upper supports and trapeze horns in Ica, Peru

At 298,000 km: Complete inspection (oil, filters and complete mechanical inspection), front steering linkage.